Booting ISO images with Grub2, among other things (via GeekDeck)

Excelente post, también para usar Backtrack

The other day I bought myself, at the great expense of £12, an 8Gb USB stick. My idea was to try out several things. Create a persistent BackTrack Live CD Create an encrypted USB partition, for all my secret things Try booting ISO images using grub2 I feel that before I go any further, I should take a leaf out of another bloggers book and point out that grub2 will not directly boot ISO images. So, it will not allow you to take a windows XP instal … Read More

via GeekDeck

BARF!: WEPBuster

Link: BARF!: WEPBuster

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You need to go to and get a few things



These special arthropods (stomatopods) have 16 visual pigments! We only have four, and we can see millions of colors. Their vision is hyperspectral, they can see ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, as well as polarized light.  They have 360 degree vision and three parts of each eye can focus on the same spot, so each individual eye has trinocular vision with depth perception.  They have a very large focal range and the eyes can emit light, which is used for communication.

They have the most complex visual organs on the planet.