Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.0

Replico la excelente nota de Ubuntips

Salio la version 0.5.0 de Ubuntu Tweak, la excelente aplicación para configurar gráficamente muchas opciones de Ubuntu.

Esta nueva versión vino con muchos cambios, funciones y una gran cantidad de bugs solucionados:

* Overview changes:
– Drop the support of Ubuntu 9.04 and before
– Use all native icon in UI
– Migrate from policykit to policykit-1, no C code any more
– Support dynamic-module, only load module what desktop supports
– Redesign the sidebar and titlebar

* New features:
– Application Center: improve from Add/Remove, supports online data sync
– Source Center: improve from Third-Party Source, supports online data sync
– Update Manager: a simple but more human-readable update manager
– Improve the computer page, add “Change Hostname” feature (LP:
– Add indicator-session dialog control
– Add the menu and button icon options to gnomesettings
– Add the show desktop icon again
– Add the option to disable user list in gdm

* Bugs fixed:
– Migrate to policykit-1
– Error message on “Security” menu with dbus error
– Some repositories must be renewed
– “Hibernation” and “Suspend” options in PowerManagement doesn’t work
– “Manage Templates” and “Security Related” aren’t working on Mint 8
– Ubuntu tweak doesn’t recognize the desktop environment
– file type manager cannot change width
– thumbnails limited is useless?
– autostart module is crashing
– feature request: icons for menu & buttons
– feature request: option update
– Linux Mint 8: def get_supported_ubuntu(cls) & is_karmic(cls) Updates
– feature request: 60 seconds for shutdown?
– feature request: change name computer
– “change the menu logo” does not work on Ubuntu 9.10
– OpenShot PPA is out of date and breaks gstreamer
– feature request: disable user list in gdm
– Hard Coded Colors in UI
– error during module loading
– Skype repo shouldn’t be in conflict with Medibuntu anymore
– error message on clicking “manage scripts”
– Error on switching to “session control” tab.
– Manage Template module crashed on loading
– third-party software sources not loading
– Add Viewnior to Ubuntu Tweak
– Typos in package summary: “Qucik install common usded applications”
– ubuntu tweek cant gain sudo/root without gksu

Lo podemos instalar en Karmic con este paquete deb:


Aunque mejor sería agregar su repositorio para actualizarnos automáticamente cada vez que haya una nueva versión. Para eso abrimos un Terminal y:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ubuntu-tweak
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak


Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión:

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